About Rick Swain

    I have been drawing, on and off, for as long as I can remember. My early efforts concentrated on wildlife and sailboats (my grandfather was a boatbuilder). When my 16th birthday, and the possibility of a drivers license, arrived, the subject shifted to the automobile. Initially it was hot rod cartoons, and when i meet old high school classmates they ask if I'm still doing that kind of drawing. My automotive interests shifted when I first saw an ad for an Austin-Healey Sprite - in a Hot Rod magazine of all places.

    I was hooked on British cars. A clapped-out Austin-Healey was my first car and the first of a succession of lbcs (little British cars).

    A degree in biology and a career with Parks Canada returned the focus of my intermittent scribblings to natural history - for a while. Mostly the subjects were rendered in pen and ink with only a few forays into colour, with acrylics.

    The purchase of an old British motorcycle in 1980 began an interest in collecting and later, drawing, classic motorcycles. The drawings were either pencil or India ink.

    In 2002, almost 40 years after my first Healey, I bought another. I began drawing cars again. Initially I worked in black and white but have recently begun using coloured pencils.

    Commissions, related to any classic car or motorcycle, are welcome. I would be pleased to discuss doing a drawing of your vehicle. It doesn't even need to be British. Give me a call at 902-682-3305 or send me an email.

    I hope you enjoy my work.